Long Nights Moona short film starts a novel

"From our bright and fabled Mother's hip, many eons ago we built one magical ship. Knowing your state of sorrow and plight, we invite you to sail the echoes of night."
Long Nights Moon

Разказ на един или много животи в кино, книги, фотография и блогове

Welcome to the world of "Long Nights Moon" - a universe I currently breathe and live in. Volume 1 is coming in 2022.

500 paid sustainers here means I will release my novel as a series online first.


„Със сърдечно пожелание след премиерата в София: „Нека вдъхновението винаги те води към дълбините на великото кинематографско изкуство.“

Теодосий Спасов

Богдан Дарев в "Преди обед" с водещите Деси Стоянова и Сашо Кадиев.

На премиерата в София с Атанас Янчовичин-Тасе, основател на фолклорната група „Бански старчета", която има участие във филма.

Bogdan Darev

The novel combines my passion for mentoring youth with my experiences of growing up in communist Bulgaria and living in the USA for the past 26 years. It illuminates the lives of a ten year old child and two teenagers as the main protagonists. The world they live in is one I started to explore back in 2008 and one we increasingly live in today. To what end? I don't know. You be the judge.

In one sentence "Long Nights Moon" is about those parts that have abandoned us and what we go through to find them.

Meet Kaine, the father of our male protagonist Ashwin. The action takes place a quarter century before the beginning of the novel.

The visual prologue is told in a short film which I directed in 2008. The setting became the inspiration for the world of the novel.

"Loss of the daimon collapses democratic society into a crowd of shoppers wandering the mall of mazes in search of an exit. But there is no exit without the guide of an individual direction."

James Hilman

Or enjoy to the music of Stars At Dawn in three parts.
Volume 1
My sister and I draw weekly. The process informs my writing and the other way around. After drawing this sketch, I realized it could make a worthy cover to the first book in the series.

„If you were a bird you would spot her stepping between raindrops, between memories of a bygone child, between moments of solitude growing under her stolen umbrella. “

Long Nights Moon

The Overcoming
Coming soon, the second prologue is also told in the medium of cinema I so much love. The action is set a decade before the novel.

„Behind him a single lightbulb failed to illuminate his shop, leaving one to grapple with frustrated outlines coming out of the darkness. Outlines of ideas in various stages of maturation; outlines of tools of the trade, machinery and immaculate order. But the outlines of memories were the most troublesome ones, for one was unsure what they could birth in their muddled depths.“

Long Nights Moon: The Waning

кликнете снимката / влезте в галерията

„Филмът ми въздейства на различни нива - буди в мен чувства от личните ми преживявания и битки, но и състрадание към вас и вашата лична история. А не е ли това, което прави един филм впечатляващ? Способността му да изкара наяве дълбоко скритите ни мисли и да ни пренесе на друго място.“


Touring Bulgaria
with my new film "Kaval Park."