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"It’s a pleasure to work with Bogdan from the beginning to the end of a project. He pays heartfelt attention to the details, so that the results are impeccable and truly unforgettable."
SJ Mackay



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SJ Mackay
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Babies of Homlesness
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Let's work together!
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“I hired Bogdan to create a series of video testimonials for Edmonds Center for the Arts’ Virtual Gala & Auction, and I cannot recommend his filming and editing services highly enough. His work was instrumental for the success of our event and helped us reach our fundraising goal of $310,000.

From scouting the film locations to staging, lighting, sound, his superb editing skills, and many last-minute adjustments, he did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price. During the video shoot, Bogdan was punctual, efficient, and a pleasure to work with, and helped participants feel comfortable and overcome their camera anxiety.

Most importantly, he understands fundraising and made sure to ask interviewees the right questions that enabled him to extract and capture the compelling, fundraising-relevant content we were looking for. The final videos turned out AMAZING and received rave reviews from everyone who watched them.”

Christina Kourteva

I'm in Seattle, writing "Eurydice".

След 23-ри години в Америка
Богдан получава зелена карта и се връща в България за първи път.

Документален, 2018г., 60 мин., цветен, HD, съдържа гола сцена, не съдържа насилие, българско аудио, английски субтитри. Продуцент и режисьор: Богдан Дарев. Филмът е осъществен с подкрепата на Българско Общество ПЧЕЛА и българите в САЩ.


Теодосий Спасов

Със сърдечно пожелание след премиерата в София: „Нека вдъхновението винаги те води към дълбините на великото кинематографско изкуство.“

The winter haze gives way to spring, as what was gray suddenly yearns to be green.

Атанас Янчовичин

Основателя на фолклорната група „Бански старчета", която има участие във филма.

The winter haze gives way to spring, as what was gray suddenly yearns to be green.

Преди обед в bTV

Богдан Дарев с водещите Деси Стоянова и Сашо Кадиев.

The winter haze gives way to spring, as what was gray suddenly yearns to be green.


Flourishing under sun's fiery gaze, creatures of all walks seek serenity around the watering hole of life.



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